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EF High Flyers Course for Kids (ages 7 to 9)

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EF High Flyers helps launch your kid’s English!

EF High Flyers is a five-level English course specially designed for 7-10 year olds. Your child will love the fun-filled High Flyers student books, learning software and creative classroom activities that bring English to life for kids! In EF's small-sized, supportive classes, children grow comfortable in an English-speaking environment as they build solid foundations in the language.
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How will EF High Flyers benefit your child?

Builds confidence - we provide a supportive English-language environment that will build your child's confidence to speak English freely.
Improves performance at school - results continually show that the majority of our students achieve high scores in their school English tests.
Builds a solid foundation in English the High Flyers curriculum will develop your child's reading, writing, speaking & listening skills equally, so they can start building solid foundations in English from a young age.
Improves pronunciation – our native English-speaking teachers help kids develop accurate and natural pronunciation right from the start.
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Why choose EF High Flyers?

Exceptional teachers

EF teachers are exceptional, experienced professionals; most of them have double English teaching qualifications and years of experience. Plus, EF's small-sized classes enable our teachers to bring creativity and fun to the classroom and give individual attention to every child.

Kids Life Club events for authentic English practice

Outside regular classes, High Flyers students can start practicing their English at EF Kids Life Club. These regular events and activities, such as group outings, themed parties and performances, provide authentic contexts in which your child can use English and build their awareness of English-speaking cultures.

Online iLAB lets kids continue learning from home

EF's innovative online iLAB system lets kids continue learning English after class, either at home or school. Through entertaining language learning activities, the iLAB system offers more than 200 hours of structured online English practice, all of which will help your child review and reinforce the English they've learnt during class. And through the iLab Parents Pages, you can follow your child's progress and even contact our teachers.

What will my child learn?

Stages Language Skills & Development

High Flyers 1

Kids learn basic skills, vocabulary like animals, human body parts and food.

High Flyers 2

Kids use simple words and vocabulary to describe things like the weather and their daily life.

High Flyers 3

Kids learn to use simple sentences to have simple conversations. They can also use past and present tense.

High Flyers 4

Kids can handle daily communication about school, activities, holidays and use concrete vocabulary and pronunciation to use the future tense.


Class demo for kids age 7 - 10

Regular exposure to English at young age is one of the best ways for elementary-school-age kids to become fluent. See how our young students are demonstrating their talents in class.


iLAB technology accelerates your child's learning by 100%

iLAB is packed with tons of great features focusing on vocabulary and listening and help your child learn English more efficiently while you can easily keep track of the great strides your child is making.

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