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EF Trailblazers course for teens (10 to 13 years)

A pioneer; an innovative leader of an idea or group of people; widely considered to be on-track for success.

Help your teen take the lead at school

EF Trailblazers is a four-level English course specially designed for 10-13 year olds. In EF's small-sized classes and supportive learning environment, your child will develop the skills and confidence necessary to excel at high-school and beyond.

Teens will love Trailblazers' action-packed plot, which spans the entire course and thus keeps students excited and motivated to learn English. Expertly-designed course books and advanced interactive materials ensure kids are engaged and focused in class, while EF's innovative online iLab inspires them to continue making progress independently at home.

How will the Trailblazers course benefit your child?

Prepares students to succeed at high-school and university entrance exams,
Builds teens' confidence to use English in real-life situations, essential for study abroad and their future careers,
Develops their wider communication skills,
Helps them become independent, motivated learners.

Why choose EF Trailblazers?

Exceptional Teachers

Most of EF teachers are exceptional, dual-certified professionals; they each have at least two English teaching qualifications and years of experience. EF's recruiting and training centers in Boston, London, Cape Town, and Sydney allows us to attract the highest caliber teachers in the world.

Tailored for Young Teens

We know it can be difficult to keep busy young teens focused and motivated to study, so Trailblazers has been designed to cater for the specific needs and interests of 10-13 year olds. Our use of interactive classroom media and an action-packed course plot sustains teens' interest and motivates them to progress their English studies and learn what happens next!

Unique Efekta™ Learning System

Learn - ­study in a supportive classroom environment with exceptional teachers
Try - practice English at home using EF’s online iLab system
Apply – boost your confidence to use English during sociable Life Club activities
Certify – measure progress and celebrate, with course assessments and achievement ceremonies.

High-school & International Exams

EF Trailblazers course brings students’ English studies fully in-line with the Common European Framework (CEF), an internationally-recognized language proficiency index.

Using this framework, the course advances students’ skills to meet the standards required for success in both high-school entrance exams and also international ESOL exams, namely: Cambridge (PET, KET, FEC) and Trinity (Grade 1-8). To pass these exams is a prerequisite to applying to many educational institutions abroad.

What will your child learn?

As they progress to complete each of the eight Trailblazers course books, teens will reach significant new milestones in their studies. The course cements the foundations of students' English, then further develops their skills, fluency, and confidence. You will see marked improvement in your child's abilities at every stage. Furthermore, Trailblazers' classroom activities and homework tasks foster students' Super Skills, the skills they need in order to become independent learners and well-rounded, confident adults.

Core Language Skills

By the end of the Trailblazers course, students will have learned how to:


take part in conversations within daily life, school/university and travel contexts,
talk freely about likes and dislikes,
express opinions and present an argument,
speak spontaneously, often with remarkable fluency,


understand straightforward instructions and discussions about everyday life,
understand the main points of recorded audio materials, such as public announcements,


understand main points of text in signs, journals, newspapers and magazines, advertisements,
scan longer texts, such as a news article, in order to locate information & fulfill a task,


write a short message, a story or a letter,
write a written report about an experience or an event.
For detailed information on how your child's English will improve throughout the course,please contact us.

Essential Super Skills

Students will also develop a range of essential “Super Skills”:


To use a range of techniques (brainstorming etc.) to create and refine new ideas.


To work effectively with others in order to accomplish a common goal.

Logical Reasoning

To identify problems and using different types of reasoning skills (e.g. inductive, deductive) to find solutions.

Problem Solving

To solve unfamiliar problems in both conventional and innovative ways.

Critical Thinking

To analyze and evaluate evidence, claims and beliefs, then interpret information and drawing conclusions based on the best analysis.

Global Awareness

To have understanding and appreciation of other people, cultures and issues around the world.


To act independently in order to analyze a new situation, identifying the resources or skills that will be required to deal with that situation, and chart a course to do so.


We provide the most suitable teachers for each course.

All our teachers are qualified professionals with a wealth of experience. Apart from foreign teachers, we also have excellent local teachers to make students feel comfortable in switching to English from students' native language, helping them to learn more efficiently.


Class demo for teens aged 10 - 13

Using exclusive EF Trailblazer books and materials, this course spans five levels from beginner to intermediate English covering all areas: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.


iLAB technology accelerates your child's learning by 100%

iLAB is packed with tons of great features focusing on vocabulary and listening and help your child learn English more efficiently while you can easily keep track of the great strides your child is making.



  • 18+
  • 14-17
  • 10-13
  • 7-9
  • 3-6



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